Crossing Another Line

Posted By Elgin Hushbeck

One clear difference between conservatives and liberals is that for liberal, almost everything is political. This is one of the reasons liberals tend to gravitate into control of what otherwise are non-political organizations and then once in control, use the organizations to support their personal agenda, regardless of what the actual membership believes. For example in many unions the membership, like the country is pretty evenly split, yet almost all unions strongly support the democrats. In polls I have seen most nurses are Pro-life, but nurses unions are solidly pro-choice.

One areas were politics has been off limits has been has been the military. While after people got out they were free engage in politics, while in the military this was off-limits. The reason is that politicizing the military is a very dangerous thing to do.

Yet now the democrats are beginning to cross that line. In their myopic attempt to bring down Bush at any cost they are seeking, not those who are out of the military but reservists and guards not on active duty, who are opposed to the way the war is going, so that they can speak out against Bush. Delivering the democratic response to the Presidents radio address yesterday, and then on at least one of the Sunday News Programs.

This troubles me, not because I think it will be effective, it is doomed to fail. Anyone familiar with the military knows that that vast majority support Bush. Thus if this democratic tactic began to make some headway, then Republicans would (and probably will anyway just to be sure), start looking for counter parts to make the opposite case. What troubles me this that this crosses the line and begin the politicization of the military. That will not be good for anyone.

May 2nd, 2004

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