Paul Ryan

Posted By Elgin Hushbeck

Given the announcement over the weekend in this weeks debate sponsored by my publisher, Energion we were also asked to address the pick of Paul Ryan.

I think this was a great pick.  There are generally two factors in picking a VP: Who will help get the candidate elected, and who will help them govern, these are not the same thing.  Given that Ryan is one of the most knowledge people when it comes to the budget, and also one of the most reform-minded, I think this pick shows that Romney is focused on governing in general, and actually addressing some of the long term problems that have been growing larger and more threatening with each passing year.

That said, the choice of VP will ultimately pale in comparison to the importance of the candidates themselves. As such Romney’s choice of Ryan is actually more important than any strengths or weaknesses Ryan brings to the campaign. For me the choice is a good indication that Romney really intends to get spending under control, and the his speeches along these lines may be more  than just promises made in the heat of a campaign, they may actually be what he  intends to do,  and if so that will be a very good thing.


Aug 14th, 2012

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