The Debate Begins – Gun Violence

Posted By Elgin Hushbeck

My publisher, Energion, is starting a series of debates between author Joel Watts and myself. Joel is of a decidedly more liberal bent than I am, so it should make for a good and informative exchange.  My publisher will post a question to which we will write initial answers.  At that point things should really get interesting as we will then begin a series of responses to each other replies, until we move on to the next question.

The first question will be on how to deal with gun violence.  Like all the questions, we will not be focusing on the latest news cycle, which so often is caught up in the superficial. Rather we will try to look at the deeper issues.  Since we are both Christians, we will also be bring our different religious perspectives into the discussion where appropriate.

You can find Joel Watts’ answer here.   You can find my answer here.   Let the debate begin!


Jan 17th, 2013

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