Democrats Challenge Election of Bush

Posted By Elgin Hushbeck

The Democrats delaying certification of the election (news story Click Here) just goes to show that some on the far left refuse to accept the reality that they lost.   

The Democrats have shown quite a contrast when compared to Republicans. In 1960 Nixon lost a very close election. There was a lot of evidence of fraud and now many historians believe the election was stolen from Nixon in Illinois and Texas. At the time there was a lot of people arguing that Nixon should contest the election, and a New York paper had started a multi-part series on voting problems.  Nixon however put the interests of the country ahead of his own personal interests and refused to contest the election. He even called the editor of the paper asking him to cancel the series.   

Recently both John Thune and John Ashcroft lost very close elections in which there was a lot of evidence of voting problems.  Both put the countries interest ahead of their own and refused to contest.  

Kerry at least seems to show the same class in loosing. Sadly such thoughts seem completely foreign other Democrats who seem to want to contest every possible election, with the strategy of changing the rules and recounting as many times as it takes to win, and to hell with anything else.  

Such the actions by Democrats in the Senate and House can due little other than to undermine the democratic process of the country, which is always a very dangerous thing to play with.  It would be one thing if Democrats had a long record of pushing for stricter controls aimed at preventing fraud, but quite to the contrary they have a long record of resisting almost all such reforms, and have instead pushed for even looser controls that make fraud much easier and more likely.  In addition, while republicans certainly have been guilty of fraud in some elections, most of the election fraud over the last several decades has come from democrats. 

This would be bad enough during normal times, but at a time of war, such attempts to delegitimize the election can only server to strength our enemies whose main strategy is cause internal opposition within the country.  This is why those on the left often receive the label “Useful Idiots” for they often unwittingly advance the objective of our enemies.

Jan 6th, 2005

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