Wausau Tea Party Update

Posted By Elgin Hushbeck

Their efforts to impede the Tea Party having been a bust, anonymous callers have started to call local businesses who supported the Tea Party calling the Tea Party Patriots a “Racist Group.”  They must be very worried.   If the Tea Parties were as unimportant and insignificant as they like to claim then why the effort to stop them?   

It also says a lot about the entire situation.  The message of the Tea Party is a simple one.  Government is growing too big, taxing and borrowing too much.    We simply have to tell the truth about what Government is doing and these people get all upset and start lying.   

If nothing else, the incredible leap of illogic to go from thinking Government is too big and spending too much to being somehow racist is astounding.   Especially given that many of those who support the current massive borrowing, opposed a much lower level of borrowing  by the prior administration.  I agreed with their criticism of Republicans who spent too much even if I did doubt their sincerity.  Now it is clear that I was right to do so.

Jul 7th, 2009

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