PowerLine Prize 2nd Place

Posted By Elgin Hushbeck

The Second place winner in the Powerline contest to protray the national debt is a song.   Here is it:


Here are the lyrics:


Daddy came home
a little early today
Somethin’ bout layin off
and cuttin’ pay

Boss is makin’ changes
’cause times are tough
the dollar’s goin down,
and taxes goin’ up

Daddy says that Washington
is out of touch.
Government’s spendin’
way too much

So I thought about
what I could do
And that’s why
I’m writin’ to you….


Don’t you see
Dear Uncle Sam
The more you give me
The less I have

I can’t afford
your charity
I got my freedom
Now Let me be

That’s America…
and that’s who I am
Dear Uncle Sam

Stop tryin’ to give me
what you think that I need,
I’d rather have my family
watchin’ over me

Don’t need to buy us
any medicine
I just need my daddy
workin’ again

It’s kinda complicated
for a kid that’s eight.
But here’s an answer
you’ll appreciate:

Stop spendin’ your time
overspendin’ our dime
I think everything
will work out fine!


gas tax
estate tax
every breath I take tax

that tax
this tax
even got a gift tax

taxes when we use the phone
taxes when we sell our home

payroll tax
income tax
you’re missing all the simple facts


Jul 29th, 2011

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