The Gang of Six Has Convinced Me

Posted By Elgin Hushbeck

To the Gang of Six,

After all of the past promises of “Future cuts” that have never come to pass, how can you expect people, who have for decades received nothing but broken promises and accounting gimmicks, to fall for the same thing yet again?  Please explain how this last minute deal will succeed where all of the other deals, last minute and otherwise, have failed? This is especially true given that the details are, yet again, to be worked out in the future,  If you claim that this one will have the requirements actually put into law, will that be like the law that the Democratic Senate has already been ignoring for a couple of years requiring them to produce a budget?  If they will just ignore the law that requires them to produce a budget, what is to keep them from just ignoring this deal even if it is actually worked out?

Do you really think we are that stupid?  Even if you could get the compromise through the House which, given the tax increases, is extremely unlikely, this would simply go the way of all previous promises to cut the budget. If past history is any indication, this means that we will get the tax increases, maybe a little slowing in the rate of increase in the size of government, but not any real cuts.  Thus, in a short time we will be in an even deeper hole with even fewer options.  Just a lot more debt.

As I see it, the only thing you have accomplished with your last minute compromise is to doom any real chance of an actual solution, which admittedly was small to begin with.    As such, you have convinced me.  I have held out for a compromise against some of my friends, but no more.  I can see now that while there are, no doubt, some good people up there, as a whole Congress is simply incapable of handling even the most basic of its obligations.   You guys are too busy looking out for the best interests of the American government, and have forgotten about the American people who for decades have seen their real wages drop, and thus had to get by with less and less, year after year, so that Government could continue to live high on the hog and grow ever larger.

Thus I now oppose any increase in the debt ceiling and will advocate that any member of Congress that votes for an increase be voted out at the next election.  Simply cutting off the money appears to be the ONLY way to keep Congress from spending the country into oblivion.


Jul 20th, 2011

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