Posted By Elgin Hushbeck

I am seeing increasing comments that behind the scenes some leading Democratic are increasingly troubled by Kerry. Essentially the Dems have blasted Bush for 6 months during the primary, throwing pretty much everything they have at him. Polls show that people concerned about the economy and the war. Add to this the 9/11 commission, a series of anti-Bush Books with weeks of negative coverage for each. At this point in history incumbents are normally down often by double digits, and Bush has had a couple of very bad months. Yet even after all of this Bush is still leading in the polls, and Kerry seems to be falling, while Nader is gaining.

On the other side, I am hearing some of the more paranoid right wingers talking about how the Dems will dump Kerry and Hillary will step in at the last moment to save the day (very unlikely in my opinion). Yet even those who reject the conspiracy theories are beginning to wonder about the “Torricelli option.”

Apr 23rd, 2004

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