Kerry and the Nomination

Posted By Elgin Hushbeck

It is reported that Kerry is thinking about delaying accepting the nomination. I understand the reasoning and logic behind it, and it does make some sense. But to me this points out just one more absurdity of the whole Campaign Finance system. After all if a candidate can wait 5 weeks, why don’t they just accept whenever it is most advantageous for their campaign. Why doesn’t a candidate simply keep raising money until say October, then take the $75 million so that can flood the airways in the last couple of weeks? Then again if they can do this, then exactly what is the purpose of the spending limit in the first place?

It was primarily the democrats that pushed CFR laws, but as with so many laws they push, they seem only to be good as long as they hinder Republicans. Thus the CFR laws were great in 1996 when they limited Dole’s spending, keeping him effectively broke until the convention (Clinton even filed a suit questioning Dole’s ability to fly around the country.) However, once they begin to affect democrats, then suddenly it is ok to find some way around them

May 22nd, 2004

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