My Concern for the Election.

Posted By Elgin Hushbeck

The only concern I have about the election, is the ability to get the truth out. This is somewhat beginning to reminded me of the Medicare debate in the late 1990’s where Democrats kept accusing republicans of trying to cut Medicare so that it would “wither on the vine.” This was all a lie, but then, as now, the truth did not matter. Democrats took a sound clip of Newt Gingrich saying “Wither on the vine” and falsely claimed that he was talking about Medicare. He was in fact talking about the Health care finance administration, something that even Clinton had proposed abolishing, but again the truth did not matter. No matter how many times Republicans tried to correct the record, the Democrats simply kept repeating the lie. Again rather that call the democrats on the lie, the press often echoed it. The truth didn’t matter, the only thing that mattered was stopping the Republicans.

I remember a poll done toward the end of the debate, just before the republicans lost. The poll asked if you supported the “republican plan” and a large majority rejected it as too harsh a cut. Also in the poll, however, they asked about “a proposal.” The proposal was the republican plan but was not identified as such, they only gave the details of the plan. The same people who saw the “republican plan” as too harsh a cut, saw the “proposal” as too generous.

I have no doubt that in an honest evaluation of the positions Bush would win over Kerry in a landslide. The democrats can be expected to be bias, but the press is frankly the worst and most partisan that I have ever seen it. They seem an extension of the Kerry campaign, as is Hollywood which as a whole series of anti-Bush and Anti-Republican scheduled for release between now and the election.

The press focuses on every negative aspect of the war, while ignoring or downplaying anything that might challenge the democratic agenda. The NY Times kept the prison scandal on their front page for something like 28 days! Even thought there was nothing new to report. The beheading of Berg, and the use of WMDs against our troops were barely mentioned. That Saddam was a strong supporter of terrorism is beyond questionm, yet this is simply ignored in the current debate as an inconvenient fact. If it is not directly linked to 9/11, it does not count. But one thing that surprised me was a piece in The Wall Street Journal had last week reporting that as investigators are going through the millions of records left by Saddam’s government there is growing evidence that Saddam not only did have ties to al Quaeda but might very well have ties to 9/11.
The Kay report was highly touted as showing there were no WMDs, in Iraq, but its other finding was that Saddam was even more dangerous than we had believed was ignored. Again and again evidence, like all the other things that do not fit the democratic agenda, are just ignored.

If the truth gets out there, I am confident that Bush will win in a landside, the question is, will the truth get out or will this be like the Medicare debate in the late nineties a case where the lies win?

May 30th, 2004

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