Was It Worth It?

Posted By Elgin Hushbeck

I saw a very moving interview with some of the wounded soldiers yesterday. One comment really stuck with me. They were all asked, “was it worth it?” All quickly said yes, except for one sailor. He was a Seabee who had been wounded in a mortar attack. He answered in a very serious and concerned manner that it depends. He said that if we continue in Iraq and succeed, then yes it was worth it. However, if we cut and run, or if we allow the terrorist to succeed there, then no it was not.

This was to me a clear statement that you cannot oppose the war, and still support the troops. If those who oppose the war succeed, then all those killed would have died in vain. All the tremendous sacrifice that our troops have gone through would have been for nothing. It would be like Vietnam were 55,000 gave their lives for a free south Vietnam, only to have there effort throw away by the anti-war forces that destroy what over chance the south had by reneging on our commitments in the peace treaty.

It is fine to have all the political debate on the war until it starts, but once troop are in harms way, we should have only one aim: A quick and complete victory. Weakening support for the war once troop are engaged in combat, can only encourage our enemy to fight harder, thereby resulting in the death of more of our troops.

If you want to really support the troops, then push for victory

May 30th, 2004

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